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English Super League 2014/15 South Group
Team P W D L Pts
1 Baku United FC 5 5 0 0 15
2 FC Baltic United 5 3 0 2 9
3 Helvecia Futsal Club 4 2 1 1 7
4 Genesis Futsal Club 4 5 0 5 6
5 West London Futsal 4 1 1 2 4
6 City of London Futsal Club 4 1 1 2 4
7 FC Siauliai 3 0 1 2 1
8 Maccabi Futsal Club 3 0 0 3 0

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British futsal club "Baku United" will train in Azerbaijan

On July 31, 2013,  "Baku United" futsal team, a winner of British Super League of 2012 season  will visit Azerbaijan. According to the Futsal club  team's a purpose for Baku visit of the team is to hold training camp here. Team members will train 3 weeks based on tight training schedule. Over this period, they will play friendly matches with professional futsal teams of Azerbaijan "Araz", "Neftchi" and "Ekol" . After gaining the title of champion of the United Kingdom, Baku United is preparing for the European Championship seriously. On top of four players from British national team, captain of powerful Portuguese national football team, defender of Barcelona team, Europe's leading club, two players from Spain national team, currently second in the world and other stars have been involved to the team. Head coach of Baku United team Chama Himenez is respected  in the history of Spain footsal as one of the notable persons. Matches of Baku United team from the Group B of the UEFA Cup will start on August, 28-31 in the Republic of Poland. According to drawing procedure held in Nyon city of the Switzerland, Baku United fell to a group of teams from Poland, Montenegro and Albania. We would like to point out that neither team in the futsal history of British have ever passed the first stage of UEFA. Baku United is more likely to be the first team to realise this dream.  Baku United established five years ago by Odlar Yurdu (Land of Fire) Organisation operating in Britain as an amateur team in 2012 raised to the British Super League and soon became the winner of English football league in 2012-2013. English futsal fans  think that revival of this kind of sport in the country is related to Baku United involved British futsal League. According to them, the team created a foundation for English futsal league to rise to the European level. In addition, former winner of the league over last 5 seasons in a row, was  the same team - Helvesia and this team failed to occupy decent place for British in Europe. Therefore, British sport public, is lively interested in success of “Baku United”.   We  would like to recall that Baku United club is headed by President, Mr. Ilham Naghiyev.