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English Super League 2014/15 South Group
Team P W D L Pts
1 Baku United FC 5 5 0 0 15
2 FC Baltic United 5 3 0 2 9
3 Helvecia Futsal Club 4 2 1 1 7
4 Genesis Futsal Club 4 5 0 5 6
5 West London Futsal 4 1 1 2 4
6 City of London Futsal Club 4 1 1 2 4
7 FC Siauliai 3 0 1 2 1
8 Maccabi Futsal Club 3 0 0 3 0

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About the history creating of this team to said club chairman Ilham Nagiyev

Recently, in the British and Azerbaijani media appears more and more information about the "Baku United" Club, which bases in London and plays in the top division championship FA Cup. About the history creating of this team to said club chairman Ilham Nagiyev. "Baku United" was created in 2008. While I was in London, and we are a group of students created a youth organization "Odlar Yurdu." In England, love football, and I thought it would be good to create a football team to know about our organization. Initially, it was decided to start with futsal. So we have created a team of "Baku United". At that time it was an amateur team that played in various tournaments in England, including the name of the Cup Lobanovskiy. After some time, we have to raise the level of our team and attracted more experienced players. This season, our club was licensed by the Football Association to take part in the futsal league and played in the championship. " In England Futsal Championship held in three stages. In the first stage on a regional basis teams are divided into three leagues: North, Central and South. From each league four best teams come in the next stage. Formed four groups and the winners meet in the Grand Final. "Baku United" is playing in the Southern League, which is considered the strongest. It is usually the teams from this league have become champions of England. We have many chances to be champions - continues Ilham Nagiyev. - Organization "Odlar Yurdu" appointed the head coach of a famous football player Antonio Jimenez. Prior to that, he worked in the popular team "Inter Movistar". British public has already started to talk about the phenomenon of "Baku United". But we are not going to fall into euphoria. We must continue to work hard. We must not forget that we have created a new team. " In the current "Baku United", unfortunately, no Azerbaijanis. "At the beginning of the 90 percent of the team were Azerbaijanis. But while we do not set a goal to become the champions of England, and now we want to win the championship and represent England in the UEFA Cup - explains Ilham Nagiyev. - Unfortunately, to achieve such results with Azerbaijani footballers we can not. In England, we have not seen any of Azerbaijan professional football player, and bring players from Azerbaijan is not possible. Currently in Azerbaijan futsal players earn five times more than their English counterparts. But we have already brought to our training of Azerbaijani football enthusiasts. I hope that after a while they will play for the first team. " Today, "Baku United" consists of semi-professional and non-professional. In the week a few times the team come to trainng, and at the end of the week to the play. "That is, playing in a team, they also have time to take care of their own affairs, so the content of the club does not require large financial resources. But in the near future we are going to make our club more professional. Please note that in England there is no professional futsal league, but there is gradual progress in the matter of its creation. If we make our club professional, too, is a professional league. And in this way "Baku United" Club will go down in history of English football. I believe that every success of our team will be induces the great interest of sports fans and sports organizations to Baku and Azerbaijan. I want to say that the entire British public futsal familiar with the arms of the city of Baku, as the emblem is on the symbol of the club. In the near future we will teach them the history of our country. If you want to succeed in England, should pay attention to public relations. In England there is a saying, "Or you will do the press, or the press will do you." Therefore, we look at all the reactions associated with "Baku United", including our fellows, Europeans and the British. Already felt a lot of attention to our team: the various information resources to spread the news about our games, professional sports often mention the name of our team. A few days ago we have won over "West London" with the score 4-1, and earlier beat "Baltica" (4:0), and it gave us confidence. Influential sports-information portal, writing about the "Baku United", named us one of the favorites in the league. We have the potential, which we will try to implement. "